Perfect Binding

Create the perfect documents

Perfect binding is one of the most common and cost-effective methods used for binding books, magazines, thicker brochures and annual and corporate reports.

After the contents of the book are printed and collated into signatures containing multiple pages, the spine edges are trimmed or ground off. This grinding ensures that when hot melt adhesive glue is applied to the spine, there will be a flat surface for the glue to adhere evenly across all signatures.

The cover is then precisely aligned and attached to the glued spine, forming a bond as the glue cools. The book is pressed firmly to set the glue while drying and curing. This pressure emulates the clamping action that originally held the pages together before trimming. As the hot melt glue dries, it forms a flexible connection between the cover and spine, allowing the book to be opened and closed without separation or damage.

At Digital Synergy, our perfect binding techniques allow us to produce elegantly bound, high quality books, brochures, business reports and magazines right here in our Brisbane facility.

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